Limits on Interstellar Messages
Seth Shostak

Despite the fact that major efforts have been expended on passive searches for extraterrestrial signals, few deliberate “transmissions” to potential alien recipients have occurred. These have generally taken the form of simple graphics depicting such things as our appearance, location, and biological construction.

Anthropology at a Distance: SETI and the Production of Knowledge in the Encounter with an Extraterrestrial Other
John Traphagan

In this paper I explore one avenue through which anthropology and, more specifically, the subdiscipline of cultural or social anthropology can contribute to SETI research.

Inferring Intelligence: Prehistoric and Extraterrestrial
Paul K. Wason

Different as they may be in other respects—sources of data, research tools, academic training—what the fields of archaeology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) do have in common is at the core of their respective enterprises—the study of intelligent beings without benefit of firsthand observation.

Extraterrestrial Linguistics
Sheri Wells-Jensen

Before we can begin to hypothesize about any extraterrestrial language, we must examine our basis for understanding what language is.