Tongue-Tied: The Inadequacy of Language for Interstellar Communication
Kim Binsted

Our goal is to construct a message that another intelligence, completely unfamiliar with humankind, would be able to understand. It is assumed that the recipient is so far away that interaction in any reasonable time frame would be unfeasible, so the message must be entirely self-contained.

The Principles of Interstellar Messaging: An Anthropological Perspective
Klara Anna Capova

The paper presents a data set collected during recently completed doctoral research and portrays ‘messaging’ as a culturally delimited scientific practice with high societal impact. The aim of this paper is to display the material and radio messages in terms of the evolutionary lineage of the messaging phenomenon and to address their content.

On the Universality of Human Mathematics
Carl DeVito

It has often been stated that mathematics would serve as a universal language, one suitable for communication between totally alien societies. Our purpose here is to examine that statement in detail. We shall see that while mathematics is often motivated by scientific applications, it is equally likely to arise from internal sources, sources that have nothing to do with the world of science.

Interstellar Intersubjectivity: The Significance of Shared Cognition for Communication in Space
David Dunér

What kind of indispensable cognitive ability is needed for intelligence, sociability, communication, and technology to emerge on a habitable planet? My answer is simple: intersubjectivity.

Speaking for Earth: Projecting Cultural Values Across Deep Space and Time
Albert A. Harrison

Ample evidence suggests that people seek to inform future generations about their lives, times, and accomplishments. Earth is sprinkled liberally with time capsules, monuments, tombstones, and other tributes to ego, achievement, and in some cases folly.

Other Minds, Empathy, and Interstellar Communication
Tomislav Janović

If an extraterrestrial intelligence should have the technological capacity to decode or at least receive an interstellar message, then it is highly probable that its society would be based on a reasonably high degree of cooperation among its members.